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A brighter experience: Enhanced Reports

Seamless management, effortless visibility

On 19th April, we are making changes to the way Soldo works. Read more to familiarise yourself with each optimisation and its associated benefits ahead of time.

Soldo is evolving, becoming a better fit for the way you do business. Read on to learn more about product changes to Reports. These upgrades are designed to improve your experience of using Soldo to manage your company’s business spending and to offer even more flexibility in doing so.

Reports have always been a key part of Soldo as they help you easily track and monitor company and employee-related expenses all in one place. Once transactions are made and complete with all the needed information (receipts, tags, and notes), reports can also be exported in one of several file formats – whichever you prefer – ready to be imported into your chosen accounting platform.

In the new version of Soldo, we have made available new and improved reports to all plans, enhancing filtering and performance capabilities.

Soldo offers two types of reports: Statement and Transactions.

Report Statement

The report statement offers the traditional banking statement with all the standard information. It’s definitely not something new, but it has been decluttered to better help you focus on what really matters. We have divided statements in three categories:

  • Monthly, a month-by-month Soldo-generated statement
  • Custom, a statement based on the date selection that you prefer
  • Balance, a statement reporting on the overall account balance for a certain date

Report Transactions

The transactions report has been enhanced with better filtering capability and improved in terms of performance. Now the filters are visible in full page to allow you to focus and configure the search without having to wait for the report to refresh every time that you use a filter.

There are three types of transactions reports, allowing you to search transactions based on different resource types:

  • By Wallets – Users can search by selecting one or more Wallets, allowing them to see all related activities. This report is the most comprehensive, covering all kinds of transactions (including Soldo activities, Soldo services, deposits, transfers, and currency exchange).
  • By Cards – Users can search by selecting one or more Cards, showing all transactions generated by those.
  • Fuel – If you use cards to pay for fuel, users can now search for these specific transactions by selecting the relevant Cards. If you have associated your cards with vehicles, you could even further filter your result by vehicle.

Please note: The Fuel report is specific to Fuel transactions and will only display Fuel type transactions. If the card select has performed additional, non-fuel transactions, they will not appear in this report.

We look forward to releasing these improvements on the 19th of April. In the meantime, we invite you to discover more about the latest changes by exploring this blog and the articles that describe every feature in detail.

If you have a burning question or need help, don’t hesitate – send an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you in a wink.

The Soldo Product Team