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A brighter experience: Making Soldo smarter and easier to use

On 19th April, we are making changes to the way Soldo works. Read more to familiarise yourself with each optimisation and its associated benefits ahead of time.

Soldo is evolving, becoming a better fit for the way you do business. Read on to learn more about all the exciting changes we are introducing. These upgrades are designed to improve your experience of using Soldo to manage your company’s business spending, and to offer even more flexibility in doing so.

Here, we are providing an overview of the various changes and improvements that will be launched with the new version of Soldo that will be made available on the 19th of April.

Different types of wallets

Wallets are resources that hold money in any of the currencies supported by Soldo. We’re changing the way we name various types of wallets (along with introducing new types) to give you greater flexibility in the way you organise funds.

Discover the new Wallets here.

Card funding source

We are introducing ultimate flexibility to the way you control spending: every card can be configured to access money from any wallet.

You’ll be able to link a card to a private and dedicated wallet, so that you can use it like a prepaid card or link the card to the main wallet of the company and use it like a bank debit card. Best of all, you can change your preferences at any time.

Discover the new Card Funding Source here.

Users, their wallets and cards

Users are not changing, but we have streamlined the way you can provide user cards for employee expenses and allow a user to hold a private amount of funds in a user wallet – or, alternatively, spend money from a company-wide shared wallet.

The type of users (employees, managers, administrators…) and their permissions have also been made easier to use, as described below under Permissions.

Discover changes to users here.

Company cards

To better recognise that company spending is more than just employee spending, we are introducing Company Cards, a new type of cards which can be funded by a dedicated or a companywide shared wallet, and can be dedicated to specific users or teams, as well as shared among multiple users. Perfect for company expenses, purchases, subscriptions, or online advertising.

Discover the new Company Cards here.


For larger accounts, we have introduced a concept called Groups which allows you to organise multiple users, wallets or company cards that are part of the same team, department or project – and to manage them together and easily designate a leader to manage funds and transactions.

Discover the new Groups here.


Permission types are the roles that define what users can and cannot do with the resources of your Soldo account. They also determine the level of visibility of company resources. We’ve simplified this feature to give you greater control over what your users can see and do with their Soldo account.

Discover the new Permissions here.


We have made available a new and improved report generation functionality to all plans.

Discover the new Reports here.

Manage and Configure

We have changed the way administrators configure the account by merging the sections ‘Manage’ and ‘Configure’ for most activities. From now on, you will be able to create new users, cards, and wallets in the same screen where you manage existing ones.

Discover the new way to Configure in the paragraphs ‘For Administrators’ of the specific articles.

Expense Centres

Expense Centres that were available to Premium accounts will be retired and replaced by Company Wallets and Company cards – which provide more flexibility to do the same things, and much more.

Discover how Expense Centres will change here.

We look forward to releasing these improvements on the 19th April. In the meantime, we invite you to discover more about the latest changes by exploring this blog and the articles describing each feature in detail.

If you have a burning question or need help, don’t hesitate – send an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you in a wink.

The Soldo Product Team