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A brighter experience: Users, their wallets and cards

Seamless management, effortless visibility

On 19th April, we are making changes to the way Soldo works.
Read more to familiarise yourself with each optimisation and its associated benefits ahead of time.

Soldo is evolving, becoming a better fit for the way you do business. Read on to learn more about product changes to Users, their wallets and cards. These upgrades are designed to improve your experience of using Soldo to manage your company’s business spending and to offer even more flexibility in doing so.

Users are not changing but we have streamlined the way you can provide user cards for employee expenses and allow a user to hold a private amount of funds in a user wallet, or alternatively spend money from a shared wallet.

  • A user has a wallet for each currency configured in the account and can optionally also have a card for each currency.
  • The User Wallets contain funds allocated to the specific user, and these funds can only be spent by the user’s card.
  • The User Card is issued in the user’s name, only that user can use it and, depending on the configuration of its funding source, can spend the money in the User Wallet or the money from a Main or Company Wallet.
  • When a User Card is linked to its user’s wallet it can be used like a prepaid card that can only spend the money made available to that user.

A user can also be assigned to one or more Company Cards (possibly also shared with other users). In that case, the user will have access to the card and will be able to use it to spend the money configured in that card funding source.

The User Card is useful to pay for that user’s personal expenses (for example travel expenses) while a Company Card is useful if you want to share the capability to pay among all users that can fulfil a certain role. For example, all the employees in the IT department can use the Company Card dedicated to IT purchases (drawing money from the IT budget via the IT Company Wallet) to buy the toner for the printer or a new mouse for an employee.

Learn more about Company Cards and how they can be made available to users here.

For Administrators

In the new version of Soldo we have unified the management of users and their configuration that were previously divided into two different screens (‘Manage’ and ‘Configure’).

Administrators will be able to create new users as well as new cards for existing users from the same list and screen that they use to manage the user.

If they have the right permissions, a ‘Create user’ button will be available in the list of users and it will start the new user creation process that will also allow it to create a user card at the same time.

In the cards tab of an existing user detail screen, a “Create card” button will be available to create new cards for that user.

We look forward to releasing these improvements on the 19th April. In the meantime, we invite you to discover more about the latest changes by exploring this blog and the articles that describe every feature in detail.

If you have a burning question or need help, don’t hesitate – send an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you in a wink.

The Soldo Product Team