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A brighter way to manage infrequent purchases: introducing single-use virtual cards

On 26 July we’re introducing new single-use virtual cards for ad-hoc purchases. Learn how these new cards can help you save time, effort, and money without compromising security or vital spend control.  

First things first – what is a single-use virtual card?  

Single-use virtual cards do exactly what the name suggests. They are virtual cards – accessible by everyone in your organisation – which can only be used once. After they have been used for a single transaction, they are void and can’t be used again. Any remaining funds on the card are automatically returned to the associated wallet.   

But why single-use? 

Not everyone in your organisation has a Soldo card, but nearly everyone needs to spend. Single-use virtual cards are the ideal solution for infrequent or one-off purchases such as home office equipment, training courses, event tickets, employee wellness benefits, one-off payments to suppliers who accept card payments, and much more. 

Seamlessly approve requests for one-off purchases and create single-use virtual cards in seconds.

Why should I try them?  

  • Gain even more visibility and control 

They’ll help you capture more of your spend in Soldo and give you real-time visibility into more of your organisational spend. And this 360° view reduces the burden of month-end reporting.  

  • Save vital time and effort 

They’ll help you be more productive by cutting the time and effort you invest chasing and approving one-off purchases, uploading purchase orders, and processing employee reimbursements. You can put this time towards more productive value-add tasks.   

  • Stay secure 

They’ll help you stay secure. The cards are void after each transaction and they cut down the need to share plastic or virtual cards internally.

  • Save money 

They’ll help you cut the cost of processing one-off purchases and monitor and potentially reduce out-of-policy spend. 

  • Effortlessly approve requests 

Our new approvals process for one-off purchases and single-use virtual cards is seamless, effortless and designed to work for you and your people. Approve or decline requests in seconds.   

Get started today 

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply log in to the web console, click on Requests in the left-hand side bar, and create your first single-use virtual card. And remember, single-use virtual cards are free for Pro and Premium plan users during the preview period, lasting until October 2021.  

If you have any questions or need support, don’t hesitate – send an email to [email protected] and our team will get back to you.