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We will be regularly updating this page to provide answers to your most pressing questions.

How can you remove funds from a users card?

Go to Users in menu bar > transfer > select wallet to transfer to >click orange button with reversed arrows so funds are being sent to selected wallet > enter amount of funds to withdraw >confirm transfer.

Can you apply a xero tag to multiple transactions at once rather than having to add them individually?

Adding tags to transactions remains the same as before the udpate. Should you wish to add tags to transactions as a Superadmin you will need to go into each transaction.

How do I give a user the accountant role?

Go to Users tab in menu bar > click into user > permissions > toggle on Admin role>click drop down on ‘what kind’ > select Accountant> save.

Can you please explain linked cards again?

Linked cards applies the same principle as before the update when Expense Centres had several cards pulling from that wallet. The linked cards outline the cards that have access to the company wallets’ shared funds.

How do I create an assignee?

Go to Cards in menu bar > click into Company card > assignee > select add assignee button on right hand side.

We are with Pro subscription which removed currency exchange. Will this currency exchange be the same in premium subscription?

Yes currency exchange is the same in the Premium account, it is located in the Wallets section.

How long does it take to upgrade to premium subscription?

This is an instant upgrade you can do directly online. To upgrade to Premium you will need to login to your Soldo account, go to Company Info, open the Subscription plan tab and select the plan you’d like to move to.

Is it possible to change the funding source once you’ve done that, how do you empty the original wallet linked to the card?

To empty a Company Wallet that has cards linked to it, go to Wallets > Company Wallets > Choose Wallet >Transfer > Select wallet to transfer to > click orange button with reversed arrows so funds are being sent to selected wallet > enter amount of funds to withdraw > Confirm Transfer

What is the difference between the old group and the new groups?

The difference between old groups and new is that the old groups are now resource sets, therefore you can create these if you’d like to just give visibility to a Manager of a Resource set for example. Whereas the new Groups function allows the Admin and SuperAdmin the visibility over which resources are in each group and can also view all the activity relating to that group.

I don’t like the idea that users can top up their own cards?

Users cannot top up their own cards. Only Super Admins who have top level access to the account or anyone you have given an Admin, Leader or Manager role to can top up users cards.

Is there a way to block payments of certain expenditures for example to Amazon?

You cannot restrict or block payments by brand name however the ability to control which merchant category the cards are accepted or not accepted in is still a feature. This is set up from Cards > Click into card > Rules > Expense Categories.

I had expense centres set up. There were specific users linked to those expense centres. I presume I need to re-set up my permissions so they can see the info in those accounts again?

If there were certain users in the platform who you gave a alternative role to or custom role to so they could have access to a Company Wallet (Expense Centre) you may need to check the permission given to that user by going into User > Permissions.

For any specific questions, or if you would like to speak directly to the Soldo team, please drop us a line at [email protected]

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