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Product Updates – 30 April 2021

We’ve made various fixes and enhancements since our recent product update. 

Major Updates

Web App: Restore view of resources for users with custom roles 

Some users who have custom roles within the platform were unable to view resources (wallets, cards) applicable to their role. This has now been fixed and all users should have access to all resources as allowed by their custom role. 

Web App: Enable resource configuration without error message 

Some users have been unable to make changes to their resources set (configure permission section) and have been receiving an error message when attempting to do so. This has now been fixed. 

Web App: Restore view of features to users of specific plans 
Some users who have subscribed to specific plans (Drive, Start, One) have been unable to view certain features such as reports and card rules. This has now been fixed and all features are now visible. 

Mobile App: Restore view of cards and wallets in the mobile app 

Following the new Soldo release, some users were losing visibility of some cards/wallets in the mobile app. This has now been fixed in the mobile app and all naming convention issues affecting the names of the cards/wallets have now been resolved. 

Web App: Enable users to generate and filter reports 

Some users have experienced difficulties in generating reports and using the filter feature. We have now fixed this issue for all customers. 

For any specific questions, or if you would like to speak directly to the Soldo team, please drop us a line at [email protected]  

The Soldo Team