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Product Updates – 7 May 2021

We’ve made various fixes and enhancements since our recent product update. 

Major Updates

Web Console: VAT calculations on split payments now display the correct amount 

When splitting payments into multiple lines, some users were seeing the incorrect VAT amount being shown. We have now fixed the VAT calculation when splitting payments into multiple lines, so you’ll now see the correct amount. 

Web Console: Email notifications for company cards now display the correct card name 

For some users who have company cards who received a ‘Low Balance’ or ‘Transaction Declined’ email notification, the email was displaying the name of the registered account owner instead of the card owner. This has now been fixed and will show the name of the card holder. 

Web Console: Users with custom roles can now view all available resources 

Some users were experiencing difficulty with the visibility of resources such as wallets and cards relating to their custom roles. We are continually releasing updates to the platform to restore the visibility for those users impacted. 

Web Console: Dedicated wallets now show the correct user and card name 

Certain user and company card dedicated wallets within the platform were showing the default naming conventions of GBP, USD, and Euro. These have now been fixed to show the correct user name and card name. 

For any specific questions, or if you would like to speak directly to the Soldo team, please drop us a line at [email protected]  


The Soldo Team